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Office Partitions – Hanging Felt Room Dividers

Laser Felt specializes in the design, laser cutting and manufacturing of hanging felt office partitions and room dividers. These hanging felt panels are perfect for offices, restaurants, cafes and more.

Our hanging felt office partitions are available in single hanging panels and double hanging panels.

Our laser cut felt panels are made of high quality materials. Our felt office partitions are antimicrobial and antibacterial to help prevent mold and fungus growth.

Looking to reduce noise? Our hanging felt room dividers are and excellent material for sound dampening/noise reduction.

The good stuff doesn’t stop there! Our hanging felt panels are fire rated at E84 (ASTM E84). If you require a 701 fire rating, we can add that. We know safety is as important to you as it is to us.

Laser Felt hanging office dividers can also be cleaned, making them a good long-term solution.  Click here to learn more about cleaning hanging felt panels.

Have questions about our hanging felt room partitions?  Check out our FAQ section for more information.

With a variety of hanging methods, unique patterns and a wide variety of color choices… Laser Felt has what you need to dress up your space and make it more functional.