How To Hang Felt Panels

Suggested methods of hanging Laser Felt Eco panels:

All Laser Felt Eco panels are sold with a plain top edge. Along the top edge you will find five small holes that could be used for the rings or any other custom hanging of the panels.

We offer optional Hanging Straps for hanging panels over the rod or pipe. Also we offer optional Tracking system for sliding panels.

Plain edge felt panels

Plain Edge Panels:

Plain edge panels have five (5) small holes at the top of the panel and are ready for any method of hanging:

  • Hanging on a rod with rings;
  • Hanging on a rod with Straps ( Straps are available for purchase on our site);
  • Hanging with Velcro on Tracks ( One to Five channel Tracking system is available on our website).

The Laser Felt Eco panels could be single layer (3 mm or 1/8″ thick) or double layer ( 6mm or 1/4″ thick).

The double layer panels could be created by using two single panels with different colors of Laser Felts. This feature helps to create two color areas on each side of the panel.

All Laser Felt Eco panels are 100% recycled from the plastic bottles. 15 bottles = 1 yard of the fabric. Additional features of the Laser Felt Eco : antimicrobial, moisture repellent, antimicrobial, great noise reduction, ergonomic colors.

Hanging panels on rod

Hanging Laser Felt Eco panels on a rod with Straps:

Hanging on a rod with Straps is an easy way to hang our Laser felt Eco panels on horizontal rods or pipes.  Straps are available in sets of five (5) for purchase on our site. Each set consists of five felt straps, five Binding Posts and ten (10) plastic washers.

Plain edge panels have five (5) small holes at the top of the panel and are ready to be assembled with straps. If you feel that you need more than 5 straps you can easily add the holes and additional straps.

Hanging Laser Felt Eco panels on a Track System with Velcro strip:

Hanging panels on a Track system  with Velcro strip is easy.  The Tracking Systems are available for purchase on our site. The Tracking Systems are available as a double channel track and up to five (5) channels.

Using multichannel Tracking System allows to place multiple panels in one place and if desired to spread them to form the wall. Each set of Tracking System includes the tracks + Top Bar with Velcro strip + Wand + Splicing system for the long Tracking System.

When you select multi-channel tracking system you need to indicate the following:

  1. How many channels do you wish to have in your tracking system? 2,3,4 or 5?
  2. What is the length of the tracking system? Our minimum is 4′ (48″). Then you can add any length, but we will charge the roundup length closest to the next full foot.
  3. What color? We are offering three colors: White(most popular), black and anodized, silver appearance. Price for any of these colors is the same.
  4. Movement. Our tracking system allows to slide panels by wand or cord system. Choose one.
  5. How many panels? When you are specifying your tracking system and length please confirm how many panels are you going to hang. We will supply correct  number of top bars.
  6. How many tracking systems to order?


 How two order Tracking system?
 How many Channels, 2-52345
 What length, FT4′ to endless, adding length by full foot
 What colorwhite, black or anodized
 Movementwand or cord system
 How many 4′ panels123endless
 Q-tyNumber of  tracking systems  to order
 How many Channels, 2-52345
 Base Price for a 4′ Tracking system$176.00$204.00$212.00$224.00
 Additional 1′$44.00$51.00$53.00$56.00



Wall mounting Felt Panels

Mounting Laser Felt Eco panels on the wall.

We also offer panels to be mounted on the wall. These panels are coming with pre assembled PSA ( Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on the back.

All you need is to evaluate your dimensions, choose the size of the panel, trim the panel if necessary, peel the liner and apply the panel on the wall. This method may need more skill to avoid any mistakes during the application.

The wall mounted Laser Felt Eco panels are available as a single layer or double layer. The background layer is offered as a solid panel. Any custom requests are acceptable – please contact us at [email protected]

Mounting Laser Felt Eco panels via Cable System

Easily hang your panels from a ceiling with our Cable System.  Add a secondary element of stabilization by also  mounting a second Cable System kit from the bottom of the felt panel to the floor.