Acoustic Interior Solutions


We are offering four types of felt:

EcoFelt, 1/8" (3mm thick) pliable Polyester Felt

Laser Felt Rolls
EcoFelt Material Rolls

EcoFelt is made of PET felt. 

We start with bottles collected from recycle centers and community bottle drives. Those bottles are ground into flakes and melted into liquid form. Then we add a little bit of silver, copper and all the pigments needed to create our gorgeous color palette. The metals act as an antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent that is cleared by the FDA. This is a feature that you cannot get in any other felt product on the market. Because the pigments are contained in every fiber, Laser Felt Eco is solution dyed, UV resistant and bleach cleanable.

Now this green formula is run through mechanical spinnerets to create our fibers. This is the same way a spider makes a web. After the fibers have cooled, they are blended together and proceed through a needle punch process which locks the fibers together creating a very durable, breathable textile that doesn’t absorb moisture and will not shrink.

In the last stage of production the material is calendared which means they glide over a hot roller and that fuses the fibers together. All of this makes Laser Felt Eco.

Laser Felt Eco has a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .20. This means that 20% of the noise in a room utilizing Laser Felt Eco will be absorbed and the space will be quieter and more comfortable for the people in it. These properties change depending upon the number of laser cuts in each piece. Results will vary.

Laser Felt Eco can be used as a hanging panel system or drapery. Laser Felt Eco provides privacy, noise reduction, divides space, controls solar glare and looks great. When used with our Laser Track system these panels can be moved as needed to divide an area and add flexibility to offices public spaces and classrooms.

Laser Felt Eco is art. Laser Felt eco is available in multiple patterns and sizes that can be hung from our Laser Track system, and in some cases existing curtain hardware or it can be applied directly as wall art. Laser Felt Eco provides designers with endless possibilities for functional and artistic creativity. Any vector file can be used to create a stunning work of art that is unique to your project. Use Laser Felt Eco on your next project and enjoy the beauty and performance of the cleanest, greenest and most versatile decorative textile available.

Leading manufacturers have given their endorsement to Laser Felt Eco as the fiber of choice for delivering exceptional technical qualities to their products. Our supply of recycled PET is received with product certification and specification test data. This ensures the criteria for 100% recycled PET and the quality level of the material are met. Supplier certifications are available upon request.

Fire Rating

PET EcoFelt material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).

If the required rating is 701, for free hanging drapery, we are offering FR treatment to the Eco Felt that adds $100 to the cost of each panel.

EcoFuzzy, 3/16" (4 mm, thick) - pliable Polyester Felt, is very similar to EcoFelt

Laser Felt EcoFuzzy Rolls
EcoFuzzy Material Rolls
Laser Felt EcoFuzzy
EcoFuzzy Material by LaserFelt
The noticeable differences Between EcoFelt and EcoFuzzy – is a different structure of the surface fiber, it has fuzzy surface vs. more smooth surface of the EcoFelt. It has slightly better Noise reduction 0.25 vs. 0.20 ( EcoFelt).

Fire Rating

Our PET EcoFuzzy material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).

If the required rating is 701, for free hanging drapery, we are offering FR treatment to the EcoFuzzy t that adds $100 to the cost of each panel.

Eco Rigid, 3/8" (9 mm, thick) - Rigid Acoustical Polyester Felt.

EcoRigid Swatch Booklet
Two connected EcoRigid Modules

This is rigid polyester felt that is used in various interior applications. We are using this material as wall acoustical panels, Tiles and Table Top dividers. Good variety of the vivid colors allows to make acoustical panels as architectural decoration in addition to the noise reduction function.

Eco Rigid is at least 65% recycled material.
Noise reduction coefficient is ranging between 20% -80% depending on frequency of the sound, thickness of the panels and distance from the wall.

Fire Rating

Our PET Eco Rigid material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).