FAQ about Laser Felt Eco panels

Laser cut panels , Laser Felt  Eco , Circles S in the XVIII century interior .
Laser cut panels, Laser Felt Eco, Y3D2-CUBES – HANGING PANELS, SINGLE in the XVIII century interior.
Mounting Laser Felt Panels on Ceiling for Decor

We have three standard sizes for the panels: 48″W x 96″H, 48″Wx72″H and 48″Wx48″H. Otherwise we can make any size for you. Please e-mail us.

Yes, we can make any custom size panels. We can perform any custom designs. We will guide you to avoid any errors in your files to guarantee perfect laser cutting. Price: please use our published price as a guideline.

A: We offer the following solutions:

  1. Hanging with optional tracking system
  2. Hanging with optional fabric loops over the rod. Rod is not provided.
  3. Plain panel with 5 holes at the top for any custom hanging such as rings or else.
  4. For the wall applications all our Laser Felt Eco panels have a PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on the back. During the mounting installer has to peel the liner of PSA and mount the panel on the wall. Warning! The adhesive is very strong – please make sure that panel alignment is done properly prior to mounting.

Yes, these panels have 20% noise reduction rating that is considered to be very high in the industry.

Please see cleaning information here.

Double layer panels are made by laminating two single  panels. Double hanging layers may look different on each side if you order double panel with two different colors. This is a great solution if you wish to keep each of the divided areas in certain color scheme.

You can also chose one panel to have a pattern and other to be solid.

At the moment we use 15 colors that proven to be the most popular among designers.

At the moment we are able to deliver panels within two weeks.

Our tracks have fairly easy directions for installations. They could be installed under the ceiling or on the wall.

We don’t have installers in every place. If you need assistance you may find local trades such as window treatment who can help.

Do you have additional questions or would you like to place a custom order?