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Custom Laser Felt wall covering sign
Custom felt engraving
Development of the custom pattern for the EcoFelt wall covering
Development of the custom pattern for the EcoFelt wall covering

LaserFelt offers custom designed Wallcover Panels.  To get started, click the button to the right for your FREE quote or give us a call.

Our PET EcoFelt and EcoFuzzy felt are our preferred material for these wall coverings. PET felt wall covering provides noise reduction and heat insulation. It dampens the noise and echo inside of rooms.

Our beautifully engraved Wall Cover Panels are becoming an important part of the interior design process.

Because PET felt is antimicrobial and antibacterial it is a good choice for public places. LaserFelt Wall Cover Panel PET material inhibits fungal growth.

All panels are solid or have engraved patterns.


  • EcoFelt – 3mm
  • EcoFuzzy – 4 mm


PET wall covering panels may come as panels or rolls up to 30 yards long.


  • EcoFelt – 58″
  • EcoFuzzy – 52″

You can always contact us to arrange a custom width for your panels.

Fire Rating

Our PET EcoFelt material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).

It is usually doesn’t require any additional FR treatment.


We have certain number of designs. We can always implement your art at no cost.

Mounting Methods for the Wallcovering Panels

As a standard method installers use wall covering techniques with acrylic based gels.

Materials Used for Wallcovering Panels

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