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Hanging Decor Panels
Laser Felt panels used as decor in a cafe
Laser cut and engraved custom design on felt wall covering
Laser cut and engraved custom design on felt wall covering

Laser Felt Eco provides designers with endless possibilities or functional and artistic creativity. Any vector file can be used to create a stunning work of art that is unique to your project. Use Laser Felt Eco on your next project and enjoy the beauty and performance of the cleanest, greenest and most versatile decorative textile available.

The custom orders are very popular and you should follow these steps in case if you need panels of different design and size:

  1. Decide on Size. Please remember that maximum width of a single panel could be no more than 51″. The long dimension is pretty much endless. The  standard length of our panels is 96″.
  2. Decide on color. Please go to “Shop Products” , chose one of the panels and select the color from the fifteen color swatches. Laser Felt Eco is 100% recycled felt that is available in 15 colors.
  3. Design your pattern. You may find an image that you wish to use for pattern design – we can help you to create a file.
  4. Decide on quantity of panels.
  5. Decide on type of panel: single layer, double layer, hanging or wall mounted.
  6. After all above decisions are made please contact us by e-mail [email protected] with information: pattern design+size+color+ type of panel + quantity
  7. We will be back with the price within 1-3 days.
  8. When you placed the order you should expect your product within 5-10 days.

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