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Hanging Panels, Single

Laser Felt Eco, Flying Birds, Cobalt color wall panels in the art gallery.
Two Flying Birds pattern Hanging Panels, Single
Hanging Panel Single, Hawaii Pattern
Hawaii pattern Hanging Panel, Single
EcoRigid, Persian Wheel, Hanging Panel, Single

Hanging panels are served as an efficient way to divide the living or office space.

The Single panels are a made of a single layer of the 3 mm EcoFelt, contrary to a two layers of Hanging Panels Double, that are made of two separate panels.

Our PET EcoFelt is a preferred material for suspended panels. PET felt is a soft pliable material that feels like wool felt.

Because PET felt is antimicrobial and antibacterial it is a good choice for the public places. No fungus is found in PET felt installations.

All panels are coming with straps for hanging on horizontal rods or could be preassembled with sliding bars if you order the tracks.

All our panels have a hem (pocket) at the bottom with inserted acrylic rod to prevent curling.


EcoFelt ( 3 mm). You can contact us in case if you wish to use EcoFuzzy ( 4 mm).


These felt dividers are offered in several standard lengths: 48″ L, 72″ L and 96″ long. All other custom lengths are available. Please contact us with any custom designs and dimensions.


Our standard width is 48″ W. Maximum width for EcoFelt is 60″ and EcoFuzzy – 52″ W. You can always contact us to arrange a custom width for your panels.

Fire Rating

Our PET EcoFelt material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).

If the required rating is 701, for free hanging drapery, we are offering FR treatment that adds $100 to the cost of each panel.


We have around 40 designs. We can always implement your art at no cost.

Hanging Methods for the Hanging Panels

As a standard method we always include the straps at no cost for hanging on the rods ( the rods are supplied by customer).

We also sell Track systems with 2 to 5 channels. In this case we will preassemble the panels with sliding bars. The cost of the sliding bars is included into the cost of the track system.

Cable System

In a number of cases customers asked us to design a Cable hanging system. If you wish to use cable hanging system, please contact us and we will address such hanging case by case.

Materials Used for Hanging Panels

Red Hanging Panels, Single
Custom Pattern, Hanging Panel, Single
Rolls of EcoFelt Hanging Panels
Drops Pattern, Hanging Panel, Single in Black