Modular Hanging Panels

LaserFelt Modules, Stair Step Scene
Stair Step pattern Modules
LaserFelt Modules, 45Grill and Solid Scene
45 Grill and Square pattern Modules
45 Grill and Square pattern Modules

Our Modular Hanging Panels help to create a privacy curtain or the wall art . Modular Privacy Curtains are designed to be assembled by linking one to another module and able to provide visual and acoustical privacy.

We are making the Modules with holes in four corners for easy assembly. Each set of four modules is provided with a package of 8 fabric connectors and 16 plastic posts.

You can purchase additional sets of 10 fabric connectors and 20 plastic posts as shown in our store.

The 8″x8″ Modules are sold in a set of 6 panels, 12″x12″- sets of 4, and 16″x16″ panels are sold in sets of 3 panels.

We are also offering hanging bars that are designed to be placed on a ceiling or to the wall.

Materials used for covering panels

Eco Rigid, 3/8″ ( 9 mm, thick ) – Rigid Acoustical Polyester Felt.

This is rigid polyester felt that is used in various interior applications. We are using this material as wall acoustical panels and table top dividers. Good variety of the vivid colors allows to make acoustical panels as architectural decoration in addition to the noise reduction function.

Eco Rigid is at least 65% recycled material.

Noise reduction coefficient is ranging between 20% -80% depending on frequency of the sound.

Fire Rating

Our PET Eco Rigid material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).


9 mm Rigid felt


Majority of our panels are made 8″x8″ , 12″ x 12″, and 16″x16″. The actual sizes of the panels are slightly smaller and designed to fit 48″ maximum hanging bar. Any other dimensions are available. Please call and we can make any shape and size for you.

Please take a note that when you use a Module connector it adds about 1″ space between the modules.


We have number of of designs that are presented in our store. We can always implement your art at no cost.

Mounting methods

You can see the Assembly and Hanging in our online manuals.

Module Connectors
Module Connectors

We have provided some instructional PDF documents that explain how to assemble and install our modular panels.  Click the buttons below to open, download and/or print.