Not sure which felt material to choose?

Here are some things to consider when deciding which felt material is most appropriate for your needs.

Our EcoFelt materials is soft and flexible, yet highly durable. It works well for decorative purposes, as well as assisting in sound dampening, privacy barriers and partitioning.

EcoFuzzy is slightly thicker than EcoFelt. The highlight of this material is that is features a soft and fuzzy outer texture. This adds a different character to your application.  EcoFuzzy also comes in different colors than EcoFelt and EcoRigid.

EcoRigid is our firmest, hardest and most dense material. It is useful in applications that need less flex in the material and that might need to hold up to harsher conditions. EcoRigid is our preferred material for sound dampening/noise reduction. EcoRigid is available in colors that are unique from EcoFelt and EcoFuzzy.