Acoustic Interior Solutions

Custom Laser cut 1/2″ thick 100% Wool felt

Image: Custom Laser Cut dividers for an architectural firm in Chicago. Material: 100% Wool Felt, Color: Dark Grey, Thickness: 1/2″ ( 10mm -12mm). Production location: Laser Cutting Shapes, Columbus Ohio, USA. Felt is becoming very popular material for interior management because of the softness and great features. It has a low coefficient of temperature transfer. Felt also helps to reduce the noise. Space division, wall, and floor covering is an important trend in latest space design. Another important function of such textiles as felt is a noise reduction. Laser cutting felt dividers and wall covering is a popular way to create attractive interior solutions.

In addition to felt,  there are more materials that we use for interior solutions. In attached image, you can see laser cut vinyl panel. This panel is stretched into the mesh to create a new surface. More and more of such designs are possible because of a combination of technology and material. Thick 100% wool is attractive material due to the unique qualities.