Acoustic Interior Solutions

Track System

Squares Pattern, Hanging Panel Single on Track System
Hanging Panel Tracks
Track System Mounted on Ceiling

We provide track systems that allow hanging of the felt panels.

The hanging panels may slide or just stay stationary in the track system.

Number of Channels

2,3,4 and 5. We don’t have a single channel tracks and 2 channel track works very well with a single panel.


We provide three colors, white, black and anodized. The most popular is white.

Attaching the Panels

If you place an order for the track system, we provide panels with a Velcro strip at the top. Velcro allows an easy removal and re-hanging of the panels. Panels attached to the track add about one inch to the total length from ceiling to the bottom of the panel.

Attachment of the Tracks Inside the Building

Mostly done by attaching the tracks to the ceiling. We also provide special brackets if the track system has to be attached to the wall. 

Track System Assembly