Acoustic Floor Dividers

Acoustic Floor Dividers are designed for an easy dividing the space with vertical panels placed on a floor at any place in the room.

The PET Eco Rigid panels work extremely well to isolate the noise and reduce echoing in the room.

Eco Rigid Felt Floor Dividers are great interior improvement bringing the privacy to a desired place in the room and add new colors and shapes to the area.

Floral, geometrical even informational art could be brought to such rooms.


Acoustic floor Dividers are made from Eco Rigid Felt.


The thickness of each single layer is 3/8″ or 9 mm. Because our Floor Dividers are done as two layers and have a space in between, so actual thickness of the panels is around 4″ to 8″.


We offer maximum size as 41″ x72″. The depth of each Floor Divider is around 4″ at the top and 8″ at the bottom. All other dimensions within 48″x96″ could be done as custom projects. Please be aware that shipping of the larger panels is costly.

We can make custom dimension panels up to 48″ x 96″

Fire Rating

Our PET Felt material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).


We have a large number of designs. We can always implement your art at no cost.


The Floor dividers are done from two panels that are connected with the braces in several positions. Assembly of the Floor Dividers suppose to be done by a customer at final location. Assembly manual is provided helping to make assembly process an easy 5 minutes procedure.