Video: Laser cutting PET felt panels

Laser cut patternsLaser cutting patterns for various applications and various materials.

Most popular materials for laser cutting are wood, textiles, plastic, paper and more.

The usual type of lasers is CO2 laser. As you probably know there are many types of lasers different from each other by the wavelength. For example, CO2 laser has 10,640 nm wavelength. The YAG laser has ten times shorter wavelength, 1,064 nm. Such difference in wavelength allows to "couple" or cut various materials. Meanwhile, a CO2 laser is a "workhorse" of the laser cutting world.

We are presenting a short video, how the PET felt is cut with a laser machine.Just click on a link below and download the video.

Laser cutting felt panels On the attached media you can see the process of laser cutting PET felt panels. Material: PET Laser Felt. Panel dimension: 48"X 96"x 1/8"; Location: Laser Cutting Shapes, Columbus, Ohio.

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