Acoustic Wall Panels

3D circles acoustic wall panel
3D pyramid acoustic wall panel
3D Half Circles-2
3D circles acoustic wall panel

Acoustic wall panels are very popular product that serves several purposes.

First of all, PET EcoRigid FELT panels work extremely well to reduce echoing in the room.

Also Felt panels could be a great interior improvement bringing new colors and shapes to the area.

Floral, geometrical even informational art could be brought to such rooms.


The thickness of the single layer is 3/8″ or 9 mm. Because our Acoustic Wall Panels are done as two layers and have a space in between, so actual thickness of the panels my be beyond 1″.


We offer maximum size as 41″ x41″ because everything larger than 42″x42″ imposes a huge price jump for shipping cost. All other dimensions are smaller making a nice collection of useful and beautiful Wall Panels.

We can make custom dimension panels up to 48″ x 96″

Fire Rating

Our PET EcoFelt material is rated – E84 (ASTM E84).


We have a large number of designs. We can always implement your art at no cost.


DS – Double layer with a space in between

3-D – Several layers with sticking out elements

2D – Several layers of a flat lamination with a face layer to be cut with a design


Majority of our acoustical panels are made from EcoRigid Felt.

We are also implementing as a second layer, or even third layer using the same EcoRigid Felt and sometimes the thinner Eco Felt or EcoFuzzy.

Acoustical Panels
3D circles acoustic wall panel